Dive into the swimming pool at the new Singapore airport

Is the stopover between flights long, boring, uncomfortable and unnerving? Don’t despair, especially if you are in transit from Singapore Changi Airport. Designed by Moshe Safdie, a rather zen Israeli architect, the Asian airport should be finished by 2018 and reserves many surprises.

The dome at Changi Airport in Singapore

Under a huge illuminated dome of 134,000 square meters you can, in fact, venture into a garden of colorful butterflies, go to the cinema, dive into a swimming pool surrounded by greenery, admire the 130-meter-high waterfall or explore a lush tropical forest.
Transforming a hub into an experience of relaxation and well-being represents a very important cultural revolution for the tourism sector. We hope that Europe will also take up this wonderful Asian bet soon!

The swimming pool at Changi Airport in Singapore
The swimming pool at Changi Airport in Singapore