A dip in the hot cold of San Casciano

Do you want to trick the cold? Immerse yourself in a thermal pool and enjoy the hot steaming water while watching the clouds!

Today Fingerpools takes you to the province of Siena, in Tuscany, Italy, not far from the medieval village of San Casciano, where this outdoor paradise is located, made of ancient washhouses full of thermal water, which gushes out at a temperature of 41 °C (106°F).
The free spas of San Casciano are suitable for swimming and the water in the main pools maintains a constant temperature of around 39 degrees (102°F), perfect for diving and enjoying the warm water in contrast to the outside temperature!

How to get there? From the main square of San Casciano it is possible to reach on foot both the Bagno Grande and the Bagno Bossolo, the ancient washrooms fed by the thermal waters.
Known by the locals with the name of “vasconi”, they are a few minutes walk from Piazza Matteotti (about 500 meters) and reachable through a pleasant pedestrian path.

If you go there, remember that they are absolutely free and above all they are not stormed by tourists, like those of Saturnia.
Don’t forget the costume. Have a good trip!