Bioluminescence, when water becomes magical


You don’t have to be magicians or fairies to dive into a bright wave and swim in a sea of ​​sparkling light. Thanks to a wonderful natural phenomenon, observable in some seas of our planet, even ordinary mortals can experience this fairy tale with such a magical flavor. But only at certain times of the year.

We are talking about bioluminescence, a phenomenon produced by tiny forms of plant life contained in sea water, called phytoplankton, which activate, illuminating, when placed in particular conditions.

Without becoming small chemists, it is interesting to know that – in the presence of the right temperatures – the bigger the sea the brighter the water.

There are several phytoplankton species interested in producing this intense and heavenly light, but the most common are the so-called dinoflagellates, microscopic aquatic algae containing chlorophyll.

Bioluminescence affects all the seas of the world but especially those that bathe Bali (Indonesia), Cairns (Australia), Cortez (Florida), Halong Bay (Vietnam), California, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Great Britain, the Maldives and Japan.

To be able to capture bioluminescence, however, you also need a bit of luck, as happens with the Northern Lights! Good luck.