Bagni di San Filippo, a natural spa in Tuscany

The San Filippo baths are a natural open-air spa complete with “whirlpool”, “beauty treatments”, “sauna” and “Scottish bath”, all at no cost! A perfect place of peace and tranquility for those who want to love themself a little. You absolutely cannot miss it.
This weekend set the GPS on Tuscany. Indeed, Fingerpools takes you halfway between the harshness of the Amiata and the sweetness of the Sienese hills. Because it is in winter – when the snow reaches the valley – that the fumes of the sulphurous waters of the free thermal baths of San Filippo become spectacular, rising in the freezing air!

But the most incredible scenario opens up to the eyes as soon as they reach the foot of the thermal baths. You will be greeted by a wonderful waterfall coming from a white whale-shaped mountain that flows into a welcoming turquoise pool. You can safely swim there, under the waterfall, or you can relax in the larger pool just below. Or in the others around.

Bagni San Filippo Siena Tuscany

Despite the water above 45 C, if you are cold (given the season) move further upstream, where the springs flow into a point called Bollore, the hottest of all, at 52 degrees. To find it, follow the intensity of the sulfur smell, when it becomes almost unbearable you will have arrived.

At this point, another surprise welcomes you: the bottom of the pool is full of highly recommended mud as a regenerating treatment for the skin. Pick them up and run them over your face. Let them dry and then wash them off.

Once you reach the village of San Filippo ai Bagni, if you do not notice the many signs for the Balena Bianca path, you will only need to get to the parking lot of the spa for a fee. Park and then go up the stream for a hundred meters, on a well-trodden path. And you will find free spas.
Have a good trip!