Ice sculptures in China, an unmissable sight

Snow & Ice World - Harbin, China

“Snow & Ice World” in China is considered the largest winter theme park in the world. Usually it is possible to admire it in full splendor until the end of February. “The city of ice” will be visible even after, until the arrival of spring, when the sculptures will melt at higher temperatures, but without the festive atmosphere, people, music and colors, which only the Festival can offer!

To enjoy the show you need to get to Harbin, a town located in the eastern province of Heilongjiang, on the border with Siberia. Certainly not just two steps, but if you are already in the area it’s really worth it. Especially if you have children you want to excite and make them live a daydream!

The Festival, indeed, brings to life – since 32 years – an entire city made of ice and snow, with gigantic sculptures that meticulously reproduce animals, princely palaces, fairy tale and cartoon characters, castles, futuristic scenarios, huge buddhas , Egyptian sphinxes and much more, all illuminated by lights and colors that make the landscape even more magical and spectacular at sunset. The risk here is to remain too often open-mouthed in amazement in a freezing cold. Cover yourself very well.