Swimming in milk, green tea and noodles

milk bath

Cleopatra loved to immerse herself in milk to keep her skin hydrated, young and velvety. But there are people who have gone far beyond the imagination of the Egyptian queen to keep fit, boasting far more particular baths among its traditions.

Do you want to immerse yourself in a green tea pool? Or inebriate yourself in a tub full of red wine with a sommelier ready to fill your glass? Or do you prefer to dive directly into sake or coffee? You can also wallow in a noodles soup. Where is it? In Japan of course! The country where the millenary tradition of the Onsen is still alive: real outdoor spas used by people to practice the cult of the bathroom. Which by the Japanese is still considered sacred.

Of course, each substance in which you dive has specific and different beneficial properties. Sake is a powerful remedy to relieve the stress of the skin after a day in the sun, coffee is a natural invigorating, green tea acts as an anti-oxidant against the aging of the epithelial tissue. What about the effects of noodles soup? They don’t know, they are a mystery. You just have to try!