5 mysterious places where water disappears

Attention to these 5 places, where water behaves abnormally, giving rise to incredible and unique natural phenomena. All gorgeous and crazy but would you ever dive into these waters?

Devil's Kettle Falls, Minnesota, USA

1) Devil’s Kettle Falls, Minnesota (USA). The Brule river at a certain point forks, and while the waters on the right end in a rocky ravine below, creating a wonderful waterfall, those on the left disappear underground, and their path remains mysterious.

Andalo Lake - Trentino, Italy

2) Karst lake of Andalo, Trentino (Italy). Located in Trentino, at 998 meters above sea level, there is the “periodic” lake of Andalo. This basin, with no tributaries, fills with rainwater and underground water starting the beginning of April until mid-June, and then empties. In flood periods it can even reach a depth of 13 meters.

Lost Lake - Oregon, USA

3) Lost Lake, Oregon (USA). The lake that fills up and empties like a sink due to the presence on the bottom of the lake of a lava tunnel in which the water precipitates, ending up in an underground aquifer.

Cachet II Lake, Chile - disappearing

4) Lake Cachet II, Chile. This glacial lake in the Andes disappeared overnight, it was the month of June 2007, leaving everyone stunned, especially geologists. Where had 200 million cubic meters of water gone in a few hours? It was later discovered that the water had found an escape between ice and rock, leaving the lake dry. Since then the lake has emptied and filled several times.

5) Lake Waiau, Hawaii (USA). Located on the Mauna Kea volcano, in Big Island, Hawaii, since 2010 the water has almost completely dried up. Within three years it has lost most of its volume, reaching just 2% of its normal size, due to the drought and the melting of the permafrost on the bottom. Today Waiau has returned to 75% of its original size.