Hockney, the Los Angeles Pools Painter

David Hockney (Bradford, 1937), best known as the swimming pool painter, is considered one of the world’s leading pop art artists. With an eccentric character (he always wears mismatched socks of different colors even now that he is elderly) David was born in England but soon moved to the United States, attracted by the worldly, glamorous, flashy and messy lifestyle. In fact, his paintings of Los Angeles villas and swimming pools have had great success in the world. In these works there is an interesting transfiguration: the water becomes like a tapestry, a tapestry around which other very few elements play their role.

The lifestyle of the west coast fascinated Hockney so deeply that he decided to summarize it as follows: light blue and deep blue pools, wonderful and modern villas with large windows, clear and sunny skies, very tanned men, naked but never vulgar, always without a female figure. The strongest feeling the characters express is that of controlled solitude. Never sad or depressed, but serene and refined. Hockney is also an excellent mosaicist and engraver, his best known paintings have been valued 3 million dollars.