Pure water everywhere thanks to an Italian engineer

watly water purifier

Watly is a modestly sized device that, thanks to solar energy, purifies the water of any contamination, without the use of filters or membranes. Watly is a kind of magic box that can also produce electricity and allows an internet connection. It was invented by an Italian, Marco Attisani, 43, with the noble goal of stopping the depopulation of some depressed areas of the globe and helping third world populations to have easy access to three fundamental goods that are often denied to them: energy electricity, web and drinking water. But how does water purification work? At the basis of the process there is a steam compression distillation system, the most effective method in use so far to purify and desalinate water. Specifically, by feeding Watly with water contaminated by bacteria, parasites and fungi, the solar heat collected by vacuum tubes is used to vaporize and then purify it (also from substances such as arsenic, lead, chlorine and the like). Watly is able to make 5 thousand liters of water per day drinkable without using filters or membranes that require maintenance (and therefore costs) while ensuring an optimal level of pH and minerals.