The first swimming pool in Bergamo? It was at the Brumana stadium

Do you know where the first public swimming pool in Bergamo was? At the “Brumana” football field in viale Giulio Cesare, the old stadium, and it was one of the favorite places for the people of Bergamo to bathe in the summer in the 1930s. The first season (1928) was a success: 10,000 admissions in just under 2 months even if it was a rather essential system: the tank was not – in fact – equipped with purification filters, so every week it had to be emptied and filled with new water; plus there were no cabins, and the showers and toilets were quite minimal.

first pool in Bergamo

In the summer of 1934, however, the swimming pool was completely modernized: tiled walls, solarium platforms, trampolines, more effective hygiene infrastructures and even a cafe-restaurant. For over thirty years the huge pool allowed citizens to find some peace from the summer heat. But how was it done before? Natural pools: the Bergamo people looking for coolness walked towards the irrigation ditches that crossed the city. INCREDIBLE: There were public baths along the Serio canal, in the Cinque Vie 😂 and near the Galgario in the Morla torrent next to the Ferrovie delle Valli station. The most chic and pleasant destination of the time, however, was offered by the Codali lake, in the area of via Ermete Novelli. Maybe some of your grandfathers or great-grandmothers remember it.

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