Learn from the ancients how to enjoy the spa

Usually people who enter the spa for the first time are seized with a sense of bewilderment … What to do first? The sauna? The waterfall jets? Whirlpools? Or is it better to start with the Turkish bath?
Don’t worry, there is no real decalogue for spa activities. But we can always ask to the ancients to find the optimal path.

Terme di Caracalla - ancient Rome

For example, Roman citizens – masters of well-being – used to finish their work in the early afternoon and go to the spa, which opened at noon. A typical spa day started with gymnastics in the gym or other sports activities on an outdoor field, including wrestling competitions. Then bathers went to the pools through three rooms, starting from the one with lukewarm water up to the one with the warmest water. Then they entered the tepidarium, which was the largest and most luxurious space in the thermal baths where one stayed an hour and anointed oneself with perfumed oils and ointments. Then they went to smaller rooms, the calidarium. And they ended up in the laconicum, the last warmest room, heated with dry air at very high temperature. Body cleansing, massages and swimming in the frigidarium pool followed. The day ended lightly in other areas of the spas dedicated to reading or theatrical activities.