Blub, the Florentine writer who makes art swim

Leonardo, Dante, Picasso, Jesus, but also Lorenzo de ‘Medici, Marquez, Botticelli’s Venus: if you look at them well, everyone wears a diving mask.

The bizarre artist who designed them calls himself Blub, and is a Florentine writer who is making his way above all on the web (Instagram) with strokes of drawings on the walls, on the doors of the gas meters or on other urban furnishings of different cities. Blub started in 2013 in Cadaqués, in Catalonia (a place so loved by Dalì), posting the first characters with a mask and snorkel on a light blue background, then it manifested itself a bit in Rome but it is certainly in Florence that it literally exploded. The immense “itinerant” work is entitled “Art knows how to swim”. Why? Blub himself explained it in an interview: “Do you know the way of saying that defines being in difficulty, ‘We are with water at our throats’? Despite crises or difficulties, art in its broadest manifestations, even less artistic, knows how to swim, it gets along as it has always done, from the caves until now. “

If you want to find out more about Blub (and all his characters around the cities) follow him on @blub_lartesanuotare.