Are you afraid of the sea? Dive into wonderful private pools with Fingerpools!

There are multiple factors that can lead people to be afraid of the sea. Often they are real and tangible dangers, such as the presence of cube-jellyfish, sharks, pointed rocks, sea snakes, high waves, curls, rough seas; other times, however, they are only imaginary fears generated by phobias, but not to be underestimated for those who suffer from them.

fear of the sea

The list of fears related to the sea is unfortunately long, but in the first place we certainly put the fear of sharks called selacophobia or elasmophobia. It’s a pretty crippling problem for some people. In fact, it prevents them from swimming in the sea (in any sea) or even from going out by boat. In severe cases, this phobia pushes those who suffer from it not to bathe even in swimming pools located within a few kilometers from the sea or ocean or in swimming pools in general. Famous people who are victims of this phobia include Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci.

Here is a list of other phobias related directly or indirectly to the sea:

Hydrophobia: fear of water and swimming;
  Thalassophobia: fear of the sea, fear of drowning;
  Ablutophobia: fear of getting wet or washing;
  Aeroacrophobia: fear of high and open places;
  Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces;
  Anginophobia: fear of suffocation;
  Cimophobia: fear of sea waves;
  Kenophobia: fear of emptiness and empty spaces;
  Acrophobia: fear of heights, of high places.

But there are also the fear of weever, jellyfish or even algae and giant squid.

A solution to overcome a good number of the listed phobias and still enjoy a refreshing swim in the sun is definitely the swimming pool. Especially if private, not crowded, located in welcoming and exclusive contexts, beautiful, safe and discreet.

in the pool without fear

On you can find all these little paradises of relaxation and well-being, also perfect for the anxious and phobic, and you can book your day by the pool right away. What are you waiting for to reinforce the tan without dying of heat and fear?