Chinese public pools, a nightmare!

Would you ever take a bath together with Adenovirus, E_Coli, Giardia, Sighella, Cryptosporidium Parvum, Legionella and Staphylococcus aureus? Unfortunately in the world there are many cases of swimming pool (especially public) whose waters are infested with viruses and bacteria. At the top of this sad ranking is China.
There is a madness in China, called in jargon “xujujyh”, which literally means: “boiling dumplings”. It is the expression used to indicate the inadequacy of the Chinese public pools to contain the mass of people assaulting them during hot days, because even if they are huge structures, they cannot comfortably contain all the people, forcing bathers to stay still on the spot and help themself with a rubber ring to claim a tiny space between themself and the others.

crowded chinese pool

When temperatures exceed 40 degrees, more and more often also in China due to global warming, thousands of people seek refreshment in the very few public available structures. The manager of one of these public facilities (a huge indoor swimming pool, located in Taiyuan, the largest city in Shanxi province in northern China, which can hold up to 10,000 people but with the arrival of hot summer temperatures doubles) told reporters : “We know that as soon as the Meteorological Observatory issues a warning of high temperatures, within an hour thousands of people will come here, to use our swimming pool.” Just imagine the hygienic conditions that the masses of so many people all together can cause in a pool tub. These are numbers that would make anyone sick, including the Chinese Ministry of Health, who in a 2011 report announced that out of 5,639 public swimming pools in 24 Chinese provinces, as many as 10% of these exceeded the safety limit as regards the levels of urea, a molecule present in the urine, and that depending on the case the bacterial body in the water ranged from 92.3% to 96.6%. Nauseating percentages, which if taken carelessly, can be lethal. As in 2008, when at the Mao Mao pool in Beijing – a huge municipal structure for 47,000 people – a man lost his life and 3,158 others were in critical condition after having swallowed the pool water. A case that caused a sensation, especially after the data concerning the water sample taken from the pool were made known: a mixture made up of 90% of faeces and urine.