6 tips to be perfect guests in the pools of Fingerpools

Don’t be foolish this summer, here are 6 tips to get positive comments and reviews as a guest at the pool!

tips to be perfect guests in the pools of Fingerpools

1: order and cleanliness. Yes, it is also valid for you guests, because the fact of swimming in the pool of others does not authorize you to pee in it, to leave butts on the lawn or to numb the water with solar oil. Take a shower before you dive!

2: respect for swimming pool rules. There is no more rude guest than one who ignores the rules. Rather, if there is one that you do not tolerate at all (like the obligation to use a bathing cap in the tub), do not book that swimming pool, change it!

3: communication. It is the basis of the sharing economy, you cannot do without it. Write to your Host if you have any doubts, particular needs or questions, it is highly appreciated, and above all answer the host if s/he is contacting you. Maybe it’s an important thing … like the pool water has turned green like that of the Olympics and on that day it is unusable!

4: punctuality. Yes, even the host has a life of his own. Therefore, if you are late to check in, warn in time! This advice is especially valid if you are going to a private pool.

5: reviews. Did you feel well? Tell the host! But not only through the reviews on the booking platform. Compliment yourself, and if the Host is not there, leave her/him a post-it on the umbrella, in short, a thank you message as an appreciation for the attention received.

6: animals. If even your furry puppy can access the pool, never lose sight of it, make sure that it does not spoil anything and take care to clean up where it is dirty. All this without calling him every two minutes, otherwise you risk a bite from humans around there.