How to survive to condo pools

How to survive to condo pools
How to survive to condo pools

Although beautiful, well-kept, large and welcoming, the condo swimming pools still hide pitfalls. Human type though.

Pitfall n. 1 the curious elderly couple.
With the excuse that they haven’t seen you for months, they pretend to be updated on your whole life in an instant, with a burst of questions that not even the most technological machine guns are able to match. You have not yet finished answering her, he is already firing six more questions, and so on. Until you pass out, because after 30 minutes standing in the sun, dripping with sweat, it’s normal.

Pitfall n. 2 the positioning of the deckchair.
Each pool has its best places to place the sunbed and the regulars know them all very well. The problem is that good spots are usually limited and therefore to catch them you have to compete with others. Namely set the alarm at 4:30 to screw even the old man of 5, the most early riser of all. Not easy on vacation!

Pitfall n. 3 rush hours.
There are days and times when the swimming pool look more a public one rather than a condo pool, because it is overcrowded. To avoid this problem and enjoy a couple of strokes in peace, however, you must go to the swimming pool at the most adverse times, that is when the sun is too strong (noon to 4pm). Beware of sunburn!

Pitfall n. 4 the exchange of Havaianas to the ladder.
In practice, you come back from your swim, climb the ladders and – voila – your black flip flops have tripled. What are mine?