The swimming pool that waters the bush’s animals is a South African idea

This is the most particular “swimming pool” that we have ever seen in our life to live the “safari pool” experience: half swimming pool and half watering hole for bush animals. It is hosted in a very welcoming lodge which is located in a private reserve – Marloth Park – inside the Kruger Park (South Africa). It was created by the owner of the structure, Mark, an incredible man with a thousand resources and experiences. It works like this, you sit in the blue part, perhaps with a cocktail, and while you relax soaking in the water, a warthog, an impala or a wildebeest come from the bush to drink in the white tub. This helps animals survive the dry season and helps humans create more intimate contact with the wild world. It is not a beautiful swimming pool, of course, but it has a wonderful story and we wanted to tell you about it.