The swimming pool once a cathedral

First cathedral, then largest public swimming pool in the world, then cathedral again. An incredible story that happened in Moscow, Russia, in an area on the banks of the Moskva River. The story dates back to the time of Napoleon, when the idea of ​​building a mammoth cathedral of Christ the Savior was conceived to honor his defeat. The cathedral was built after 71 years and for 25 years it remained the symbol of the Russian state.
 In 1931 the cathedral was demolished to make way for the construction of a monument to socialism, which would have been called the Palace of Soviets, which was never built. The flooded hole in which the foundations were to be built remained open until, in 1960, it was transformed into the incredible and beautiful swimming pool “Moskva”, the largest in the Soviet Union and one of the largest in the world. It hosted a sauna, a trampoline tower, a sports area and a leisure area where anyone could bathe, even without a medical certificate. The entrance cost 50 kopeki for adults and 15 for children. The swimming pool was open all year round and witnesses still remember a surreal image: in December a column of steam rose above Moscow and a crowd of half-naked people splashed in the immense pool. To date, there is nothing remotely similar in any European capital. The swimming pool unfortunately died together with the USSR, shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall. In 1991 the cost of electricity and water surged and supplying the pool became expensive. For three years the swimming pool was deserted and in 1994 it was definitively demolished. And in its place? They began building a new cathedral similar to that of the 19th century. What a fantasy. The new cathedral was opened to the public in 2000 and the first mass was celebrated there for the first Christmas of the 21st century. After that we don’t know how much the cathedral was frequented … but we know how much that 60’s swimming pool is still in the heart of all those who have had the good fortune to live it! Pool vs Cathedral: 1-0