7 tips for the pool garden

tips for the pool garden
tips for the pool garden

1) Never choose flowering plants, they fill the water with petals and pollen, forcing constant cleaning; in addition, the flowers attract many insects that further dirty the tank.

2) Yes to shrubs as hedges for privacy protection. If you want color and scent, choose those with colored berries or with small flowers.

3) Yes to medicinal plants such as rosemary to create a barrier of protection from prying eyes and against insects. Laurel and holly are excellent to make tidier hedges.

4) Yes to jasmine, hibiscus, ivy, bougainvillea, plumbago or climbing roses for those who have a wall in the pool area and want to decorate it with greenery. The choice of the suitable climber depends a lot on the sun exposure.

5) Yes to some trees around the swimming pool but be careful, a swimming pool always in the shade is sad. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the size that the tree can reach to be sure that its shadow does not cover the whole pool.

6) No to trees with roots that extend especially laterally, because they could, over time, reach the structure of the tank, creating very serious damage. For the same reason, never plant young trees too close to the tub.

7) Yes to palms and banana trees (which now also grow in northern states). They are fascinating, they do not get dirty and do not attract insects, giving the pool a tropical aesthetic.