Can cats swim?

Cats descend from the arid Egyptian lands and deserts, and perhaps for this reason it is known that they do not appreciate water very much, or do not particularly like being wet or splashed, even in hot weather. Never mind if we find them for hours playing with the drop of the sink that is leaking or staring curiously at the toilet flush, it seems that they don’t want to know about swimming. At least in appearance, or out of laziness, because if forced, from 2 months of age onwards, cats can prove to be excellent little swimmers: indeed, if they are in the middle of a lake they are able, in most cases, to earn the shore safely. So the answer to the initial question is “Yes, cats generally know how to swim innately.”

cat swimming

Some breeds do it better than others, because they are genetically more hydrodynamic. Like the Norwegian cat, which traditionally hunted mice in the holds of Viking ships, thus acquiring a certain familiarity with the sea, or the turkish van, a domestic cat originating in eastern Turkey, known worldwide for its legendary love for the water.
Finally, we must not forget that other feline relatives of the cat, such as the tiger, are also exceptional swimmers, and who have a great taste in diving and immersing themselves in water