Does the world seem small to you now? Change your travel style with Fingerpools!

You have been traveling for at least 30/40 years now and have admired myriads of monuments, skies, oceans, experienced millions of different situations, get to know distant populations, tasted the strangest exotic foods, and by now the world has shrunk to such an extent that it seems to have become a little small? Don’t despair, the time has just come to change the way you travel. The suggestion is to go from the macrocosm (important, “hyper-tourist” destinations, visited by millions of people every year; that is, the must places that must not be missing in the “palmares” of the great traveler), to the microcosm (experiences, which will make you unexpectedly discover small forgotten medieval villages, unknown mountain villages, tiny country towns or fishing villages on seas and lakes, and many other tiny wonderful realities). It is a small “Copernican revolution”: proceeding for experiences rather than destinations, which is in vogue for some years now. So, if until now you have favored ad hoc packaged tours, solo do-it-yourself departures (first with paper guides then with the Internet), trips in groups of strangers or cheap last minutes or that usual place (because the family has been going there for generations or because you have a house there), now the network is helping us and organizing a trip for experiences and passions is becoming very simple and common. So, are you perhaps attracted to bioluminescence? From a shark bath? From climbing frozen mountains? Tan seeking? Art? Every passion has its destination. And if yours is the peace and relaxation of a wonderful private swimming pool surrounded by greenery and uncrowded, where you can sunbathe and do a few strokes, you should definitely visit, the hospitality site that regulates demand and offer of private pools in Italy and worldwide. Through the search by place, you can find small paradises a few kilometers from where you are, and thus feel on holiday even 4 steps from home.

Change your travel style with Fingerpools!
Swimming pools listed on Fingerpools as of January, 14th 2020