8 reasons to never get engaged to a male swimmer

male swimmer

1) He completely empties the home refrigerator after training.

2) At the sea in summer you go crazy with jealousy, because with that sculpted physique the swimmer attracts the eyes of all the women on the beach.

3) He always smells like chlorine, even after 5 baths in Dead Sea salts. And he doesn’t use perfumes.

4) He is obsessive compulsive with workouts, so going to a pool with him to strengthen the tan means being alone all day.

5) Hard training means that in the evening he is often very tired and prefer to stay at home; goodbye social life.

6) When he has races you are forced to follow him to the end of the world even if swimming has never fascinated you.

7) His maximum elegance is represented by the swimming cap and olympic swimsuit.

8) You get old and gain weight while he does not, because swimming keeps him young, with the risk – after 10 years – to look like his mother rather than his fiancèe.

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