8 reasons to never get engaged to a female swimmer

female swimmer

1) Her shoulders are wider than yours. And she can also beat you at “arm wrestling”.

2) Being already flashy on her own, with that statuesque goddess physique, the swimmer does not like to show off further, so she does little makeup and does not use eyeshadow, she already has the marks left by the goggles.

3) It involves costs. If you own a Smart, you have to change car, because her bag does not fit in your trunk . And if you have 3.5 kilowatts of electric power at home, you have to upgrade to 5 KW, because the washing machine – with a swimmer in the house – works every day, even several times a day.

4) She follows the “no sex at all” rule before the races, you can even pray in ancient Pekinese, but … NO!

5) The sexiest swimsuit for the pro swimmer is the whole one, even better the racing model, (the one that covers up to above the knees), more sophisticated, advanced and performancing.

6) Her skin smells of chlorine mixed with a floral scent (sweetish, in any case), which alone would be good, but mixed becomes your nose nightmare.

7) The only man she never says No to is her coach.

8) Not having an hairdresser ready at the pool to make an immediate beautiful hairstyle after every training session, the swimmer often has a saggy and damp broom on her head.

www.fingerpools.com thanks all those who have helped us compile this hilarious and ironic list; we are waiting for you in the most exclusive and particular world’s private pools.