8 reasons to never adopt a swimming dog

Not all dogs can swim, but those who are capable and who madly love to dive into the water, need special owners, such as Simona Quadarella, or a champion of the Spartan Race, certainly not ordinary people, who if not at work is on the sofa.

swimmer dog

Here are the reasons in 8 points:

1) Even if it snows and you go with the swimming dog for a walk to the lake, he will dive into it. And you too to recover him.

2) The swimming dog cannot be taken by boat at all. If you have it, after three outings together and 420 recoveries, you sell it.

3) If the swimmer dog sees a fountain, he will rocket into it! Although it is Brunelleschi’s in Piazza Navona in Rome. Needless to hide among the narrow streets for the shame and the police, the swimming dog will find you and all happy for the bath in the elegant and exclusive location, will shake a quarter of the fountain water on your legs and even a few coins if you have been lucky.

4) The swimming dog is brave and even a little crazy, he dives into the rivers without paying any attention to the power of the current. If strong, then you are forced to a grueling triathlon consisting of a race on the boulders, a swim against time and a rescue of at least 30 kilos. Maybe at Niagara Falls remember the leash.

5) The swimmer dog, when he sees pools of water outside the car window, shakes and starts barking like an obsessed. Well, imagine now traveling with him to the Norwegian fjords. Worst than 80s rock!

6) The swimming dog, being often wet or damp, emits its classic smell but multiplied by one hundred thousand, so dense, that it impregnates itself in the car upholstery like oil, which not even a “Arbre Magique” forest can cover.

7) Attention on vacation, if you lose the swimmer dog in Sardinia they could find him in Corsica.

8) To feel comfortable with your dog, always choose hotels without an outdoor swimming pool. Especially if the use of swimming cap is mandatory.

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