Fingerpools pools? Secret little havens!

We asked Maddalena, a Fingerpools host, who received some reservations last summer, to tell us about her experience of having strangers in her swimming pool, which is located in northern Italy, in Capriate (Bergamo), near Leolandia .
Here is the link:

Piscina Sole e Relax - Capriate (Bergamo) Italy

Here are her answers:

  1. Why did you sign up for Fingerpools? In addition to the economic return, have you experienced other rewards by hosting people in your swimming pool?
    We joined Fingerpools out of curiosity for a new project, an Italian start-up, and to get to know new people.
  2. When you receive a booking request, what do you do? Do you immediately confirm blindly or do you try to understand who will come to the pool via the network?
    We confirm all reservations immediately.
  3. Tell the funniest episode you have experienced thanks to Fingerpools.
    A fun episode was when a group of friends towards the end of the day told us “We will never tell anyone about your place! It is our secret paradise!”.
  4. When you have guests by the pool, are you embarrassed to go for a dip? Or do you like to meet your guests?
    Usually I go down to have a chat with the guests, to ask if everything is fine, and to know the people I’m hosting, and also to take a dip.
  5. Have the guests so far ever given you any problems, or even just minor annoyances? If so, which ones?
    No, no problems at all.
  6. Who in the family discovered Fingerpools? How? Tell us how the various components reacted and what comments they made to the possibility of registering and renting places in the swimming pool.
    Dad found out by searching the Internet. Then we talked about it in the family and we discussed it all together, each of us takes care of something, we help each other.
  7. Would you recommend a friend owner of a swimming pool to become a host on Fingerpools? If so, with what words?
    Yes, it is an excellent social occasion, different from the others.
  8. Would you use Fingerpools as a guest?
    Yes, I would use Fingerpools as a guest.