ASTRO POOL, the swimmer’s horoscope: AQUARIUS

Are you a swimmer and an Aquarius? Read your characteristics.

ASTRO POOL - the swimmer's horoscope - AQUARIUS

Independent, nonconformist and faithful, Aquarius swimmers have the ability to perform routine workouts in a completely personal way. This is why they are often seen as the eccentrics of the swimming pool but the truth is that they are bored to death if they cannot look in directions ignored by others and see things that others do not see. The Aquarius swimmer is visionary, the same time he uses to train in the pool then he uses it at home dreaming in his unlimited fantasy unlikely victories, Olympic podiums, standing ovations or to be chosen as judge at “America’s Got Talent”. The Aquarius swimmer has the ability to become passionate about swimming like few other signs of the zodiac, s/he studies in depth how to improve the competitive performance from every point of view, also with the help of technological combinations of all kinds, which s/he loves very much. Unfortunately, however, the Aquarius swimmer is not very constant, unless s/he is motivated enough by the results, or by an very good environment or by a coach who values ​​a lot. In this case, the Aquarius swimmer can aspire to become a true champion. On the contrary, sooner or later s/he will hang the swimsuit on the nail. And s/he will dive into a new passion. The two most useful features for the Aquarius swimmer are intuition and the ability to share with others. If the Aquarius discovers something new, ignites of a unique energy that immediately infects the companions. It’s really nice to have an Aquarius in the team.

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