In Paestum, the GIOCONDA of swimmers

The diver of Paestum (480 BC) is an incredible fresco found in 1968 on the white travertine slab of a tomb located less than two kilometers south of Paestum, in a place called Tempa del Prete (south of Salerno near the coast) . The dip, portrayed in all its elegance and magnificence, symbolizes the passage from life to death, the journey that leads the human from the known world to the unknown one.

Fresco - the diver of Paestum (480 BC)

The scholars who worked on the bones found inside the “coffin” believe it was the tomb of a young man belonging to a family of the aristocratic elite of ancient Poseidonia. Today, to admire this work of art live, you must go to the “Mario Napoli” room of the Paestum museum.
In addition to its immense historical-artistic importance, the fresco is always reported in the pages of the history of swimming as a testimony that swimming was already widespread centuries before the advent of Christ.

If after admiring the fresco you want to imitate the young aristocrat, here are some private outdoor pools in Salerno – active during the summer season – where you can book places to take a refreshing swim away from the crowded beaches: