ASTRO POOL, the swimmer’s horoscope: PISCES

Are you a swimmer and an Pisces? Read your characteristics! Happy Birthday!

ASTRO POOL - the swimmer's horoscope - PISCES

Those born under the sign of Pisces wallow in the emotion of life the same way they swim in the water, and they struggle so much to break down the resistances they encounter, because their sense of agonism is more spiritual than practical and therefore the goals they often set transcend time and victories and penetrate fields incomprehensible to most. Shy, lazy, elusive and impenetrable, they are not easy to understand but it is immediately clear that for them swimming is sacred, it is an art – and at the same time – it is an ancestral need. Beyond the results, they can’t live without it if they chose it as a passion. Of course, they never arrive on time to training, they don’t remember to renew their card, maybe they forget the cap or the goggles, they always have difficulty finding the right shower temperature on the go, because in general they are impractical; but once in the water they transform, relax, regenerate, empower themselves, become real social animals. Nobody is as good in the water as they are (when they want to be there). However, to give results, the Pisces swimmer – idealist and nonconformist par excellence – needs to be brought back to the ground, he must be spurred and praised on an almost hourly basis, her/his coach knows it well, without making her/him feel like in prison otherwise, s/he becomes easily discouraged and becomes pessimistic about the future with the risk of falling into periods of depression or vices.
┬áThe Pisces swimmers hate people and situations that control, harness and depersonalize them. If everyone says “Yes”, they will tend to say “No”. Indeed, they are at top when splashing in open water and are not under race pressure.

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