Sky Pool, in Miami we will swim on top of the Worldcenter tower

The swimming pool, always viewed in the collective imagination as a blue rectangle in a meadow, has evolved a lot in materials and shapes, in colors, in technology and also in its position. One of the new growing trends in the hospitality sector are the “sky pools”, which go beyond the “rooftop pools”, because in addition to being positioned at the top, they also defy gravity.
A trend embraced by this crazy real estate project in the heart of Miami, also published on the Miami Herald, thanks to new renderings released a few days ago by the developer of the futuristic 50-story Legacy Hotel & Residences, located in Miami Worldcenter.

Miami Worldcenter Legacy Exterior rendering

The published images offer new perspectives of how the top of the tower will look after final completion, expected by fall of 2023, and they show a breathtaking sky pool in open air in all its beauty, which emerges from the edge of the forty-fifth floor of the skyscraper, about 150 meters above the ground, with a chilling view over the city center. An experience absolutely to live for some, panic stuff and dizziness for others! In fact, to satisfy everyone, there will also be a second indoor swimming pool inside the building, exactly on the ninth floor, within a large area of 4,000 square meters, certainly more suitable for those who have problems swimming literally in the sky. To dive into this incredible swimming pool, however, we must wait three years. It seems to be worth it.

Miami Worldcenter Legacy Interior rendering