Men’s summer slippers, the 2020 trends

Men, please, wear leather sandals only if your name is Menelaus and you are going to retrieve Elena in Troy, thank you!

Men's summer slippers, the 2020 trends

Covid or not, the heat has come overpowering this year too and with the easing of the restrictions, the first slippers around the street in the seaside and lake resorts or around the pools are starting to be glimpsed. What do they tell us? What is the 2020 trend?

Take a breath of relief, to be trendy this summer you can reuse the “outfit” of last year, because the slippers with the wide band (which to make them look cooler, we started calling “slide on”), continue their glamorous life undisturbed.
Maybe, if you want to go the extra mile you might think this year to show off a “slide on” of a different brand from the one that everyone (everyone, really everyone) wears, to look different and above all recognize them immediately at a glance .

In second place, rubber flip flops remain undisputed, which for many nostalgics are still in first place, because … there is nothing to say, they are sexy. But, unless you’re thinking about trekking, always choose light, simple and slender flip flop models. They are much more trendy than those half-tanks that are occasionally seen around and that frighten good taste and children to death.

In third place, surprisingly, the “grandfather’s plastic slippers”, so fashionable in the mid-70s, with the crossed band on the front. A controversial slipper, certainly suitable for a few brave, yet it is a trend that will go up. De gustibus…

In fourth place we find bare feet. This model is more popular at the sea or in nature than in public swimming pools, for obsious reasons. It is a model highly appreciated by sea wolves with 1 inch of calluses under their feet, by fakirs who love walking on the hot sand, by unwary who find themselves running like crazy from umbrella to umbrella to not burn themselves and by masochists attracted by cuts and other more or less superficial lesions.

In fifth place, we find the classic leather Birkenstocks, which with the white sock transform all of them into Germans. But without a sock they express some charm.

In sixth place there is a must when we were still traveling only with the heavy Routard guide in the backpack and there were no smartphones, we are talking about the legendary Teva classic, the summer slippers most loved by free spirits, freaks and jocks of the planet.

In seventh place we find the big bubble of the feet, the Crocs, which year after year continue to lose appreciation among consumers, because objectively they are only good for a selected few. Lucky them.

In eighth place we find almost everything else, from the 60s transparent rubber sandals to the innovative adhesive slippers.

In ninth and last place – as specified at the beginning – we find leather sandals.